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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final Exam (ELLLO)

573 Into City: Pernais and Doron discuss the trend of young people moving to cities. (click here)

572 Out of Country: Pernais talks about the effect of young people leaving Jamaica. (click here)

1027 Countries United

(click here)
Shirley explains the terms United Kingdom and Great Britain and how they relate to Scotland.

349 Broke in the Big Apple (click here)
Kevin talks about being very young, poor, and struggling to live in NYC.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Final Exam

What to Do?
You will be given a series of ELLLO listening tasks to complete within the time limit. Your teacher will give you some worksheets in which you have to fill out and give back to your teacher.

Kinds of Activities:
  • Multiple choices
  • Fill in the gaps listening
  • Short comprehension questions
  • Longer 'Thinking' questions
2 hours

ELLLO listening tasks
The tasks can be found at The E3 English in the Media site, on the day of the exam.

'Practice makes perfect'. The way you can study for this exam is to go to the ELLLO listening site and start listening to some of the interviews. Try to complete the online quizzes... The more listening you do, the better chance you will have at doing well on the exam.

Mondos Guide to ELLLO Listening interviews

Please take a look at the selection of lessons from ELLLO listening. Think about the topics that are covered and discuss them with your teacher.

  • Which topic do you like the best?
  • Can you add any more information?
  • Do you have any personal experience with the topic?


UFO's have often intrigued people, and have caused a lot of debate. Some people believe in UFO's and others don't. Take a listen to the following two interview and think about what you believe...

1077 (click here)

UFO's, Circles and Lines Jonathan talks about the possibility of UFO's and other mysterious things in life.

1078 UFO's and Area 51 Jonathan talks more about UFO's and the rumors about Area 51 in the United States. (click here)

Famous People

What do you really know about America and Australia? Do you know any famous Americans? How about Australians? Listen to the following interviews about famous people in these countries. Have you heard of them before? What does the person in the interview say? What did you learn about the famous people in America and Australia? What can you tell others in the class?

1062 Famous Americans (click here)
Cheryl and Nick continue their conversation about famous people from their countries.

1061 Famous Australians (click here)
Nick talks with Cheryl about some famous people in Australia and why they are popular.


The influence of money and the power it gives people has been the topic of conversation recently, especially with the release of Michael Moore's 'Capitalism a Love Story'.

What do you think of the following statement?

"Money breeds greed and corruption."

Listen to the following interviews about the power of money and taking bribes. After you listen, share your ideas and thoughts with the class.

1039 Power of Money (click here)
Aiman and Todd talks about the culture of corruption.

1037 Bribes (click here)
Aiman talks about the culture of bribing in business.

Staying Healthy

Are you a healthy person? Do you eat well? Do you like to exercise? What does it take to stay healthy?

Listen to the following interviews, then try to come up with some ideas to improve your health? Share these ideas with the class.

740 Staying Healthy (click here)
Keren talks about her healthy lifestyle and what she does to stay in shape.

741 Staying Healthy Overseas (click here)
Keren compares staying healthy in different regions of the world.

Sushi is not only big in Japan, but it is very popular all over the world. Do you like eating sushi? Can you make sushi yourself? Can you remember the last time you ate at a sushi restaurant? With the class, talk about some of your experiences with sushi...
718 Sushi Ways and Wasabi (click here)
Hiroshi discusses how to eat sushi and when to use wasabi.

717 Sushi Selections (click here)
Hiroshi explains the kinds of sushi you can order at a sushi restaurant.

716 Sushi Lesson (click here)
Hiroshi talks about sushi and the two most basic types this popular dish.

Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest events in the Chinese calendar. Do you know when it is celebrated? What do you know about how the Chinese celebrate this day? Do you know how to wish someone a happy new year in Chinese? What will you be doing on the next Chinese New Years day? Listen to the following interview and share your ideas about the Chinese New Year.

936 Chinese New Year (click here)
Santi talks about the biggest holiday in many Asian Nations.

Monday, January 17, 2011

ELLLO Listening: Interviews 1 (Winter)

726 Winter Food for Skiing (click here)
Lisa talks about some food options when skiing near Montreal.

725 Canadian Winter (click here)
Lisa talks about life in her city of Montreal when the weather gets really cold.

727 Winter in Sweden (click here)
Peter talks about how people get by during the really cold Swedish winters.

949 Life in Winter (click here)
Aiste and Christophe talks about winter in their countries of Belgium and Lithuania.

156 Winter Sports (click here)
Christian is from Norway. He talks about what winter sports he likes.

ELLLO Listening: Interviews 2 (Shopping)

852 Shopping (click here)
Rebecca talks about her shopping preferences and an item she bought.

853 Shopping Peeves (click here)
Rebecca and Todd talk about things they do not like about shopping.

MX98 How often do you go shopping? (click here)
Listen as several people share their thoughts about shopping and what they like shopping for.

1076 Men and Shopping (click here)

Diego talks about his views on shopping and Silvia talks about a friend with shopping skills.

1074 Collectibles (click here)
Silvia and Diego talk about things they like to buy and keep as collectibles.

1075 Retail Therapy (click here)

Silvia talks about her love of shopping as Diego ponders if she need help.

Monday, January 10, 2011


News Center (click here)
Start at the News story on Lost Baby and Work your way through to the end.
Things to complete:
1. Vocabulary Focus (fill in the gaps using words from the news stories)
2. Questions for You (five questions about the news stories)

"News Center is an animated newscast with six stories. Newscenter can help students learn academic English and develop test taking skills for standardized listening tests such as TOEFL®, TOEIC® and IELTS®."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Climate Connections

Go to Climate Connections page (click here)


"Play videos from Robert Krulwich's five-part cartoon series, Global Warming: It's All About Carbon."

Episode 1: Global Warming

Episode 2: Making Carbon Bonds

Episode 3: Breaking Carbon Bonds

Episode 4: Carbon in Love

Episode 5: What Do We Do?